Welcome to our Upcoming service for 2022!

We are working with our Artists to offer a premium unique customization options for our helmets and boots. Customers can request artwork, Swarovski crystals and much more to create a unique one of a kind helmet or boots just for you.

We are in full swing creating some unique samples, which can be ordered, or add your own design and requests.

For full safety for helmets, we can only use Acrylic water-based paint that do not contain any harmful toxics that could damage the safety aspect of the helmet. This means certain requests which is outside of this limit will not be performed on helmets. We take your safety and others very seriously when it comes to helmets. We do our best to protect the artwork, colour and crystals by applying waterproof sealant. However should you have a fall and scrape the helmet, the artwork will be damage, depending on the fall, most times you should replace it anyway. We can help you with replacement depending on how long you have used it before you need to replace it.

Please contact us for more details.