What's is the difference between Retail & Wholesale?

We decided to try to accomplish a lower carbon footprint and reduce freight.

We like to try to play some part in lowering our carbon footprint and by asking you, our customers to buy more in bulk, or combine your purchasing with friends and family, together we can more than half the amount of deliveries around Europe. As you aware, a lot of pollutions come from deliveries, trucks, vans and airfreight. So we like to ask you if you could perhaps help us with this?

And what's in it for me? you might ask?, well for helping us we have created a special wholesale pricing, and anyone can apply and start saving with it. On each product you will see the retail price and the wholesale price of the item.

So to be able to cut deliveries and shipments we have to put a minimum order value.

The minimum order value per order is €200 Euro, You will also get the order delivered for free. 

You do not need to be a business to buy wholesale, prices you see are what you pay.

I hope this explain what we are trying to do, if you have any questions please email us, or use the contact form above.


Thank you for your support!

The Rockmountain Family.