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Superior Products for Elite Equestrians
Show jackets
Show jackets

We use only the best professional garment manufacturers - we have a full range available to you with multiple and flexible display options on clothing or rugs. Products are uniquely created for you, we do not use other brands' products and simply just add yours - we create your own brand of gear to maximize your visual marketing effort in all locations worldwide.

Many professional yards have successful riders that main brands target for their own marketing benefits by inviting them to be sponsored riders. This is great for them to showcase successful riders using their products, however, your business does not get any marketing benefits out of it - as brands do not want your logo or name on the products that they give to the riders. This can lead to negativity within the whole team.

Our Approach is different, we get you your very own custom-created business products that you share with the whole team. This creates a more effective way of marketing your brand and business. We have found that this approach gives you full control of your marketing in all aspects of your business. As well as it fosters a positive team spirit in your yard.

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